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Mia Thompson

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A couple of happy dogs enjoying a hike

Los Angeles' Top Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

Whether you're a local or just visiting, if you're here in sunny Los Angeles with a furry friend in tow, you're in luck! LA isn't just about glamorous shopping, stunning beaches, and that famous Hollywood sign - it's a hiker's paradise with an array of trails that welcome canine companions. Grab your water bottles (one for you and one for Fido!), a leash, and some treats, and explore the great outdoors with your four-legged BFF. Let's dive into some paws-itively amazing dog-friendly hiking trails in the City of Angels.

1. Runyon Canyon - Hollywood's Pup Paradise

Everyone who's anyone (and their dog) has hiked Runyon Canyon. It's the place to be seen! With off-leash areas and a vigorous trail system, Runyon Canyon is like Disneyland for dogs. And for the humans? Feast your eyes on the "oh so LA" views of the city and maybe even spot a celebrity working on their fitness. Just remember, as popular as it is, it can get crowded, so if Fido isn't too keen on making lots of new friends, you might want to hit the trail during off-peak times.

2. Griffith Park Trails - A Hiking Buffet

From the famous Griffith Observatory to hidden gardens, Griffith Park is a sprawling wonderland for hikers and puppers alike. Want a picturesque view of the city? Check. Looking for a taste of nature in the heart of LA? Got it. Seeking a challenge for you and your athletic pooch? It's all here. And, bonus - there's an off-leash dog park for after-hike playdates! But keep an eye on the temperature to ensure those tender paws don't get scorched on the sun-baked trails.

3. Elysian Park West Loop - Where City Dogs Dream

If your pup prefers to stay close to the urban jungle, Elysian Park's West Loop Trail is a fantastic choice. Right near Dodgers Stadium, it's an easy 2.3-mile loop with enough elevation to make you feel like you're getting a workout - without exhausting your urbanite dog. And those views of downtown? Chef's kiss. (Source: Barkbus)

4. The Hollywood Sign Trail - See The Stars With Your Star

Let's face it, you can't come to LA and not see the Hollywood Sign. And what better way to do it than with your dog by your side? Griffith Park offers a trail that takes you right up to those famous letters. It’s a challenging hike, so make sure your doggie is up for the task. And remember, this iconic trail can get busy, so practice good trail etiquette and keep your pupper reined in. (Source: Hiking Guy)

5. Solstice Canyon - Malibu's Best Kept Secret

Heading towards the ocean, Solstice Canyon in Malibu is for the coastal loving canine. This moderate 3-mile loop dazzles with ocean views, a historical stone building, and a waterfall to enchant both human and hound. Keep your buddy leashed here, as the wildlife is as abundant as the beauty!

6. Franklin Canyon Site Trail - Hollywood's Nature Nook

Tucked away in Beverly Hills, the Franklin Canyon Site Trail is your go-to for a quick escape from the buzz of the city. It's a charming 2-mile loop that won't exhaust you or your furry friend but still delivers that dose of nature you're craving. Due to its popularity, Fido needs to stay on his leash to enjoy the trail traffic and movie site views.

Before You Hit The Trails:

  • Leash laws vary, but even on off-leash trails, keep one handy and ensure your dog has a reliable recall.
  • Packing water for two is a must! LA heat is no joke for your pooch.
  • Keep an eye out for wildlife and protect your pup from any native plants that might not play nice.

And finally, for the social butterfly dogs out there, Los Angeles is also home to numerous dog-friendly breweries, beaches, and eateries that are perfect for relaxing post-hike. The outdoor lifestyle here truly accommodates four-legged friends, so leash up and hit those trails; adventure awaits!

Looking for more pet-friendly activities in LA or trails elsewhere? Check out more guides on our website for endless tail-wagging good times!

Happy trails, and may your dog's tail wag as much as the palm trees sway in the LA breeze!

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