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Pet Painter AI turns pics of your pet into art 🤣 💌

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People from all over the world love Pet Painter!

“Favorite app I've ever used in the 15 years of using iPhones. Thanks for making my pup even cuter than he is to start with! 🐾”

“I downloaded it and have played with it for hours non stop. I can’t stop smiling! There are so many different things you can do.”

“This is a very fun app.”

“Finally get to make good use of ALL those pics I take of my fur babies!”

“Uploaded some pictures of our dog and the generated photos are hilarious. A few are a bit wonky but overall they're golden. So I see her in a robot suit every time I open my phone!”

Personalized Pet Paintings

Turn your pet into art!

You can paint your pet doing anything, anywhere! Ever wonder what she would look like lounging at the beach? Eating a crepe in front of the Eiffel Tower? Piloting the international space station?

Custom Pet Art
Let your creativity run free! Get paintings of your pet doing whatever, where ever! It's easy! Select your favorite photos of your pet, then get awesome paintings.
Share your pet!
Your paintings are going to be awesome! You can share them with friends and your friends can follow your pet and paint back! For Free!
Play Games!
The whole point is to have fun! When you design images, your friends are able to "guess the design". It's not easy. Try to stump your human friends while painting glorious art of your furry friends!
Personalized Pet Paintings

Custom Pet Merchandise

Create awesome merch featuring your pet

You can't let your best friend eat out of just any bowl... You need a one-of-a-kind goods for your one-of-a-kind pet. Create custom mugs, pet bowls, and more shipped directly to you. They are going to look so cute.

Custom Pet Paintings and Merchandise
Print any of your awesome art on a set of hand selected e-commerce goods. You can print the whole image or stickers for extra flair! We ship directly to you.
Need a last minute holiday gift?
Pet Painter is the fastest way to make a fun personalized gift for family and friends. Think of all your pet friends out there.. Don't they deserve a fun new bowl?
Would you like cuteness with your coffee?
It's not just merch for the pets. We've got you humans covered to. Check out the personalized pet mug! Available now!
Custom Pet Merchandise

iMessage Stickers

Your furriest friends are now on iMessage

It's a whole new way to express yourself - and how cute your pet is - in iMessage. Our AI makes it super easy to paint stunning paintings and then automatically create stickers that will look great in the family group chat!

Family Group Chat 2.0
Share your pet with your family and friends via iMessage. We'll help you make the paintings and the stickers! You can handle making them awesome with some witty banter 😬
Stickers on Merch
Skip the square corners and print your stickers directly on supported e-commerce items! It's easy to make awesome looking, custom pet merchandise & paintings.
iMessage Stickers of your Pets

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